Power Steering

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  • Steering might feel fine for few hours after installing new belt, then starts to squeal/kick back when turning steering wheel at idle.
  • No symptoms of failure when car is moving


Harmonic Balancer

One of the most overlooked parts that might cause your steering problem(s) is a harmonic balancer. Most mechanics will suggest replacing tensioners, belts, pumps and even rack pinions before narrowing this very simple problem down. Harmonic Balancer

Loose V-Belt / Bad tensioner

A worn out v-belt and/or improperly tensioned belt will omit similar symptoms. The tensioner should also be inspected. V-Belt Replacement

Worn Out Idler/Adjusting pulleys

It's always a good idea to inspect this set of pulleys. Inspecting Pulleys

Low Power Steering Fluid

Simply check the level of your power steering fluid (black canister near the fuse box (driver side)